[debauched moan] -jol-rhas

call it what you want // a rabastan mix, for boys who never quite belonged, and had to hide who and what they were // download // listen

CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT - foster the people. EVERYBODY TALKS - neon trees. UNDER PRESSURE - queen & david bowie. SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE - muse. SILVER AND GOLD - the chemist. DEMONS - imagine dragons. FOOLS - temper trap. SEVIN DEVILS - florence and the machine. IT’S TOO LATE - evermore. THE SCIENTIST - coldplay. SECRETS - one republic. IT’S TIME - imagine dragons. INHALER - foals. WHO ARE YOU REALLY - mikky ekko. TIGHTEN UP - the black keys. COMMON PEOPLE - pulp. TEMPTATION GREETS YOU LIKE YOUR NAUGHTY FRIEND - arctic monkeys. REBELLION (LIES) - arcade fire. GAY BAR - electric six.

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    Call it what you want. We call it love. Loving a brother, is no sin it is not you it bothers. Call it what you want. We...
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